Ajani Predictive Model to Increase Customer Retention

April 7, 2021by Adam Matthews0

As organizations begin to open offices, they quickly need to determine how employees will work both on-site and virtually and thrive in a healthy, connected hybrid workplace.

One thing is clear: Modern businesses need a work model that combines virtual and in-person work.

However, creating strong hybrid and virtual workplace solutions requires a lot of planning and strategy. With the right guidance, going hybrid doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your company’s culture, productivity or information security.

Organizations are asking questions about culture, HR policies, compatibility of job responsibilities with remote work, and how much or what type of real estate they need to support a hybrid work model. They want to know how to help employees transition successfully back to the office, whether they are there full time or just a few days a week.

During this live webinar, we will discuss:

  • Highlights of our company’s hybrid workplace model we’ve been operating for over 20 years
  • What a hybrid workplace is and what’s top of mind for organizational leaders as they decide their work from anywhere future
  • The seven key decision areas to define your hybrid workplace vision
  • Our approach to helping organizations envision, define, prepare and implement a hybrid workplace.

A significant portion of this webinar will allow you to engage in Q&A to explore your most pressing questions with our experts. If you are a senior leader thinking about your business’ work from anywhere future, this webinar will help you identify your priorities and key decisions for moving forward now that hybrid is here.

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